Janna Storino


Lina S.

A couple of months ago I contacted Dr Janna after suffering lower back pain, and after only one distance Reiki session I noticed immediate pain relief. After my experience I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who needs help and healing. I will definitely be returning to Dr Janna again for future treatments.


I didn't believe acupuncture would work for me but it did. I felt much looser and had much less pain afterwards. Janna made me feel comfortable and relaxed and she really knows what she's doing. I highly recommend her.

Debbie H.

Janna is very professional and very proficient at finding the real issue and treating it… I’ve had great success with her and my injuries/issues and I would highly recommend her for all of your Accupuncture needs!!!

Lilian G.

Janna Storino it's an amazing and gifted accupunturist! I was so lucky to found her!! Thank you Janna for all your healing sessions!!!

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